Middle School Band

Is your child interested in joining band?!?!?

Dear parents and guardians,
Being in music can have many benefits. From being part of band, your child can learn
valuable life skills such as responsibility, time management, and how to work
cooperatively in a large group. Band meets 2-3 times weekly during the school year.
Students also attend summer lessons to get a head start on their instrument.
In 6th Grade band, students participate in weekly classes and lessons. Students
perform in concerts throughout the year both during the school day and after school. In
7th and 8th grade band, students additionally participate in marching band and can
choose to participate in jazz band.

Here’s how your child can join band!

Part 1: Students will be receiving information about class registration for next year.
Make sure to mark that your child is interested in band!
● For examples of some of the different band instruments, check out my instrument
showcase video
?usp=sharing or the one by the Marine band:
Part 2: Instrument testing (to pair your child with an instrument) will be done a little
differently this year. Please stay tuned for details in April.
● Your child does not need to know what instrument they are doing yet! Many
factors can impact which instrument is a good fit for your child
Please wait until after Beginning Band Night to get an instrument!
Part 3: I am looking to schedule Beginning Band Night via Zoom this year. Please stay
tuned for details.
How instruments are selected:
Many factors can impact which instrument might be a good fit for your child from the
formation of their lips to their ability to buzz their lips. Through these tests we will take
these factors into consideration to find the best fit for your child!

COVID Precautions
● At the middle school, students participated in band in small groups in 2020-2021,
used performance masks, and remained 6 feet apart. Safety precautions will
continue as necessary in the 2021-2022 school year.

Why it’s important to wait to purchase an instrument!
● Today, it is possible to find many “instruments” online. However, there are a
variety of very cheap, poor quality instruments out there. These instruments can
cause students many playing problems from getting a sound to forming a good
embouchure and often break easily.
● Students can sometimes be rough on their instrument in their first year or
sometimes may lose interest. This is why renting an instrument can be a good
option for your child’s first year of playing. The good news is that many music
stores also offer maintenance plans that are either included in the rental cost or
only a few dollars a month- this means that if your child’s instrument does need
to be repaired, it would be done at no additional cost to you!
If you would like to learn more about renting instruments, please take a look at The Heid
Music and Ward-Brodt Music websites:
● Ward-Brodt Music: https://www.wardbrodt.com/t-rental-info.aspx
● Heid Music: https://www.heidmusic.com/rental/find-your-school/
More information will be provided on renting instruments at Beginning Band Night.
Additional Items
● Besides their instrument, your child may need additional maintenance supplies.
These items will be gone over at Beginning Band Night.
● All students need: Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for their instrument
● A music stand is also highly recommended for at home practice.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:
Phone: 608-342-4010 ext. 2338
Email: [email protected]

Looking forward to a great year in band next year!

Mrs. Kasara Sinkula

Platteville Middle School Band Director