Middle School Office Staff

Middle School Office Staff Brad Brogley, Tonia Wagner, Vicki Feldman, Heidi Miesen, Jason Julius Jason Julius, Principal

Brad Brogley, Assistant Principal

Vicki Feldman, 5th-8th Grade Counselor

Tonia Wagner, Administrative Assistant

Heidi Miesen, Administrative Assistant


The Platteville Middle School staff and faculty believe that:

  • The middle school is an educational response to the needs and characteristics of youngsters during early adolescence and deals with the full range of intellectual and developmental needs.

  • Young people going through the rapid growth and extensive maturation that occurs in early adolescence need an educational program that is distinctively different from either the elementary or the secondary model.

  • This is one of the most important age levels because the determining factors of one's behavior as an adult (self-concept, learning interests, skills, and values) are largely formed in this period of life.

  • The academic needs of middle school students are affected greatly by their physical, social, and emotional needs which also must be addressed directly in the school program.

In order to promote these beliefs, we need:

  • Educators knowledgeable about and committed to young adolescents

  • A balanced curriculum based on student developmental needs

  • Comprehensive advising and counseling

  • Evaluation procedures in keeping with the nature of young adolescents

  • Cooperative Planning

  • Positive School Climate