Middle School Strings

Dear Parents of 4th Grade Students:
The Platteville Orchestra program is seeking the talents of 4th grade students who would
like to try a strings instrument in the 5th grade at Platteville Middle School next fall.
Learning to play a string instrument can greatly enhance your child’s educational
experience. It will provide structure, discipline, responsibility, and a safe outlet for your
child’s creativity. It will offer a supportive social environment and encourage your
child’s intellectual development.

I would like to invite you to watch my online video “How to get involved in Strings.”
Students and I will be demonstrating string instruments that are available for your child to
play in 5th grade. I will also be talking about two local music stores that offer the best
rental instrument quality and service in our local area. These stores are Ward Brodt in
Fitchburg, WI and Schultz Strings in Cedar Rapids, IA. Each store services us on a
weekly or bi-weekly basis. (Violins, Violas, and Cellos must be rented from local music
stores. String basses are provided by the school, but are limited in number.) Here are the
websites for both stores. They make the rental process very easy right on their websites.
Ward Brodt (Madison) – http://www.wardbrodt.com/
Schultz Strings (Cedar Rapids) - http://www.schultzstrings.com/
Students will soon be receiving information about class registration for next school year.

If your child is interested in joining the program, make sure to mark on their registration
form that your child is interested in joining strings!
Beginning Strings Summer Lessons are currently scheduled to be in July 8-23, but
please be flexible as this might change. These lessons are very important and all students
signed up for strings next year should attend them. When string classes resume in the
fall, your child will be scheduled during the regular school day two to three times a week.

I would love to have your child be a part of our wonderful orchestra program here at
Platteville Middle School next year. If you have any questions, the best way to get a hold
of me is by email which is provided below. Thanks, and have a great rest of the week!!!

Owen Strizic
5th-12th Grade Orchestra Teacher
[email protected]
608-342-4020 ext. 2326